W dżungli Khao Sok z dziećmi Tajlandia

Visit Khao Sok with Kids

Our stay in the Khao Sok jungle with kids couldn't have been better with night safari in search of animals, bamboo stems cooking by the river and an overnight in a jungle tree house. We had been dreaming of this trip for a long time, but I was a little worried about going to Khao Sok jungle with kids. All fears were unnecessary. The experience was absolutely fabulous and the memories will stay with us forever.

About Khao Sok National Park in Thailand

Khao Sok is a national park in Thailand that is overgrown with one of the world's oldest evergreen rainforests. The park is full of limestone hills, rivers, waterfalls, caves and the famous and picturesque Cheow Lan Lake. All of this makes for ideal conditions for the animals that inhabit the area. 

The park is located in the western part of Surat Thani province and covers an area of 645 square kilometres, of which Cheow Lan Lake occupies 168 square kilometres of the park. 

Where to stay in Khao Sok with kids

The largest selection of accommodation within the park is in close proximity to the main park entrance, in Khao Sok Village. The village is quite large and you can find restaurants, cafes, a pharmacy, a shop, a bus stop and an ATM.

There is an equally large selection of hotels around Cheow Lan Lake.


Our Jungle Camp - family friendly stay

Our Jungle Camp hotel in Khao Sok
Our treehouse in the jungle

When I was searching for accommodation in Khao Sok, I knew it had to be something special, allowing us to get to know the jungle more and spend time actively with our children. 

Our Jungle Camp* fitted our needs perfectly, offering a whole programme of activities and excursions tailored for families travelling with children. 

In addition, we were impressed by the fact that Our Jungle Camp works with local schools to offer students nature-based lessons. By booking a room or a tour, you can support “The Andaman Center for Migrant Education”

We spent one night at Khao Sok Village and Our Jungle Camp. The next overnight we spent in a lake house on Cheow Lan Lake as part of the tour.

*) The hotel stay and activities we participated in are part of the collaboration. 

Cheow Lan Lake Khao Sok Thailand
Overnight at the Cheow Lan Lake

A trip to the lake with children - everything you need to know.

An unforgettable night in a treehouse

Our Jungle Camp double treehouse

A family treehouse is just what we were looking for. I booked the two-storey Double Treehouse, which exceeded our expectations.

Room amenities include mosquito nets, fans, drinking water and a Western-style semi-open bathroom. Despite arriving in Khao Sok in the middle of the Thai hot summer, the bungalow was not too hot. We had a very pleasant night and in the morning we could see monkeys jumping in the treetops. 

Hotel facilities for families

Our Jungle Camp provides purified drinking water, which is available in the restaurant and in the rooms. The hotel is limiting the use of plastic in the park by doing this. So all you need to do is to bring water bottles with you. 

Regarding facilities for the youngest guests, there are highchairs in the hotel restaurant and a cot with mosquito net can be ordered for sleeping.

What to do in Khao Sok jungle with kids

Khao Sok National Park is a great place for children of all ages. Depending on your needs, you can spend time simply walking around the park and the surrounding area. 

Adventure-seeking families, on the other hand, can take part in the very wide range of excursions and activities offered by individual hotels or travel agencies. We have chosen the activities offered at Our Jungle Camp.

Kids Jungle Activities

Activities for children Khao Sok with children
Jungle Life Camp

Shortly after arriving at the hotel, we took the whole family for a Kids Jungle Activities. The activity included an approximately 2-hour walk around the Jungle Life Camp grounds and forest, during which the children were asked to spot plants and animals from a list. 

We were accompanied by two guides who shared various interesting facts about the jungle or which plants are better not to touch. We had a chance to taste the rosella growing in the hotel's garden and the snake fruit (sala) found in the forest. During the walk we even met a macaque.

At the end we were treated to refreshing cold water.

Thailand with child Khao Sok with children
Khao Sok jungle in Thailand with kids

Practical information

Activity timings and price:

  • half day - 2 hours in the morning (9.00 a.m.) or afternoon (1.30 p.m.)
    600 THB per child, 300 THB per adult
  • full day - 6 hours from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
    1400 THB per child, 700 THB per adult

Activity location:

  • Jungle Life Camp on the hotel grounds and the nearby forest. 
Activities for:
The classes are intended for children over 4 years old. Parents can also take part.

The tour is led by a guide and educator. Drinking water is provided. Don't forget to bring a sun hat, repellent and comfortable clothing.

Jungle Dinner - Bamboo cooking

Bamboo cooking in the jungle Khao Sok with children Thailand
Cooking in bamboo in the Khao Sok jungle

Bamboo cooking is a traditional method of cooking using bamboo stalks. It is impossible to express how divine the food tastes when cooked using this method and eaten in the middle of the jungle.

However, to cook dinner in bamboo, we had to go to the Klong Sok River in the jungle with our guide and get all the cooking supplies we needed.

The walk through the jungle took us about 60 minutes, during which the guide searched for the perfect bamboo stalks, firewood and leaves to wrap rice. By the way, we were told not to touch bamboo covered in black or white deposits as it causes itchiness. 

Finally, we arrived at the river, at a place called Wang Pai Nga (Pool), just before sunset and began preparations for dinner. First, we made a bonfire and thoroughly washed the bamboo stalks and collected leaves in the river.

When everything was prepared, the guide started filling the bamboos with food. Then, together with the children, he wrapped the wetted rice in leaves and put it inside one of the bamboos. 

The food-filled stems were transferred to the campfire and we only had to wait for the food. The smell even attracted a pack of monkeys, who were watching us curiously from a tree nearby. While waiting for the food, the children played on the riverbank and roasted marshmallows over the fire.

After about 20-30 minutes, the food was ready. For dinner we had green curry, grilled chicken, boiled vegetables and perfectly cooked rice. The guide also made a dessert, which was a bamboo-cooked cake. It was the best dinner of our lives, in the dark jungle, just by the light of two small candles and head lamps. We had to be well fed to have the energy for the night safari.

Khao Sok jungle cooking with children
Wrapping rice in leaves
bamboo cooking w dżungli Khao Sok
Candlelight dinner in the middle of the jungle

Practical information about Bamboo Cooking

Duration of activity: about 2.5 hours

Cost of the tour: 800 THB per person plus an additional charge for admission to the park.

The trip started at 4.30 p.m. We were collected from the hotel by pick-up truck and driven to the national park. Once there, we had to approach the ticket office to buy a ticket. It is better to have cash with you.

As the cooking takes place in the jungle you should bring comfortable footwear and preferably long trousers. Although the guide has a supply of torches, it is advisable to take a head lamp.

Khao Sok Night Safari in the jungle with kids

Night jungle safari Khao Sok with children Thailand with child
In the jungle at night

It was not an option for us not to go on a night safari after the bamboo cooking. We went with children, of course, because at Our Jungle Camp the excursions are tailored for children. 

A night safari is a jungle trek of more than an hour just after sunset, in complete darkness. During the safari, equipped with torches, we looked out for wild animals under the supervision of an experienced guide. We managed to see scorpions, snakes, spiders, beetles and dusky leaf monkeys.

Nocne safari w Khao Sok

After an active afternoon in the jungle, we went to bed, because first thing in the morning, another great and unforgettable adventure awaited us, this time on Cheow Lan Lake.

Khao Sok with children night jungle safari

Night safari in Khao Sok with children - practical information

Duration of activity: 

  • safari starts around 7.30 pm and lasts 1.5 - 2 hours

Cost of the tour: 600 THB per person plus park entrance fee.

Staying in Khao Sok - practical information

Cost of entry to Khao Sok Park

Park entrance fee: 

  • 200 THB per adult
  • 100 THB per child aged 3-14 years (2023 prices). 
Better keep your tickets if you plan more excursions in the park during your stay.

When is the best time to visit Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is open all year round, regardless of the rainy season, which in this part of Thailand lasts from May to December. However, the best time to visit Khao Sok is during the months of December to April.

Read more about the weather Best Time to Visit Thailand. Weather in Thailand

Best time to visit Surat Thani
Weather in Surat Thani

How to prepare for a stay in Khao Sok (with children)

If you are planning to explore the park actively, you should prepare as you would for a hike. I recommend taking:

  • good outdoor shoes or sandals
  • socks 
  • long trekking trousers - especially recommended for night safaris and bamboo cooking
  • lightweight functional jumper, ideally with a UV protection filter
  • swimming suit, if rafting is planned 
  • sun hat
  • mosquito repellent 
  • sunscreen with sun protection factor 50
  • water bottles
  • a first-aid kit (plasters, wound disinfectant)
  • a flashlight
  • rain coat (mainly during the rainy season)
  • don't forget the money to pay the entrance fee to the park
  • a baby carrier for the little ones (a pushchair can also be used in many places, but a carrier is a must in the jungle). You can read about baby carriers and pushchairs in Thailand in the post Baby carrier or pushchair for a trip to Thailand?

For the night safari we took a small rucksack in which we had the most necessary items. Fortunately, we also had rain coats, which were useful during the brief but heavy rain.

And what about mosquitoes in the jungle? We hardly experienced any mosquitoes during our stay in Khao Sok, but we were sprayed with repellent and we were in the middle of a hot Thai summer. You can read about how to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the post Tropical diseases in Thailand, how to protect yourself

How to get to Khao Sok Park

Khao Sok National Park is located in the western part of Surat Thani province. It can be reached in various ways, either on your own or as part of an organised tour. 

Within a 3-hour drive from Khao Sok, there are as many as 3 airports from which taxis or buses run. Distances from the airports to Khao Sok Park are as follows:

  • Surat Thani Airport – 107 km
  • Phuket Airport – 147 km
  • Krabi Airport – 132 km

By far the closest is from Surat Thani, which can also be reached from Bangkok by train. The best option is to take the overnight train, so you can then reach the park around midday and still have a fair amount of the day to explore. 

When planning a stay at the park and an excursion or overnight stay on the lake, bear in mind that the Khao Sok Park Headquarters is about 61km from the Cheow Lan Lake Marina. 

Would you go on such a trip with your children?

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