The Best Travel Backpack for Kids

The Best Travel Backpack for Kids

We decided that it was time for our children to travel with their own backpacks. Before I bought the best travel backpacks for kids, I did some research. I compared volumes, sizes and discovered how much load the kids could carry without damaging their backs. Find out what to consider when choosing a travel backpack for kids. See the review of Quechua MH500 travel backpacks we tested on a month-long trip in Vietnam.

The Best Travel Backpack for Kids

Before I move into describing the technical details, let me explain why we decided to buy travel backpacks for our children. We travel often with our children and we try to take as little luggage as possible when doing so. Read how we pack when travelling with children here.

As the children are now over six years old, we decided that they could help us and carry their own belongings on their own backs on our next trip. So we did it and went to Vietnam for a month with only five backpacks and it was a great idea. 

What the Best Travel Backpack for Kids Should be Like?

A good travel backpack for children is one that is:

  • handy
  • functional
  • safe and comfortable
But the most important thing is that the backpack is well suited to the child's height and weight.

Keep in mind that, according to studies, children should not carry a load of more than 10% of their body weight on their backs (some sources cite 15%). A heavier load can cause spinal problems, among other things, as you can read in the literature-supported article at fizjointouch.plFor example, a child who weighs 25 kg should have a backpack that weighs no more than 2.5 kg.

As recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics a backpack for children should have:

  • wide, adjustable shoulder straps
  • hip or chest strap
  • padded back

These recommendations apply to school backpacks, but are applicable to children's travel backpacks as well. 

How to Choose a Travel Backpack Size for Kids

The backpack should be sized so that it does not exceed the outline of the back and that it does not hang below the hip line. It should fit snugly against the back line so that the weight is evenly distributed.

As I did not have the opportunity to try the backpacks on before purchasing, I had to rely on the manufacturer's backpack dimensions. I measured the width and length of each child's back with a tailor's tape measure and compared it to the manufacturer's measurements. 

Where to Buy a Travel Backpack

There are many manufacturers of hiking backpacks for children on the market, e.g. Deuter, Gregory, Quechua, so everyone should be able to find the right model for themselves. Sports and hiking equipment shops such as Decathlon specialise in selling such backpacks.

Review of the Quechua MH500 Backpack for Kids

Plecak turystyczny dla dzieci, jaki wybrać. Quechua MH500
Plecak turystyczny dla dzieci, jaki wybrać. Quechua MH500

I decided to buy Quechua kids' travel backpacks, manufactured for DecathlonThe following things convinced me to buy Quechua backpacks for my children:

  • adjustable strap height - the backpack grows with the child and the height can be adjusted according to the child's height. Brilliant!
  • adjustable strap length
  • adjustable chest strap
  • hip strap
  • padded back
  • functionality - the backpack has various straps and many pockets, but it is also very light and easy for children to use
  • 28 litre backpacks can be opened from the top as well as by the side zipper
  • the price and the 10-year warranty also appealed to me
  • the backpacks are very cute

For my youngest child, who is still petite, I bought a children's travel backpack MH500 18 L, while for my older daughters, I chose the model MH500 28 L. Thanks to the regulation, I have adjusted the backpacks to fit each child. When packing for the trip, I was vigilant not to exceed the load limit of 10-15% of their body weight. 

Quechua MH500 (source: Decathlon)
Quechua MH500 (source: Decathlon)

Do We Recommend the Quechua MH500 Backpacks for Children?

Our backpacks have performed extremely well on our trip and I can honestly recommend them. We tested them in Thailand and during an entire month in Vietnam when travelling on planes, taxis, buses, overnight trains, Mekong Delta tour, and in the rain. 

The backpacks came back in excellent condition, showing no signs of damage or even dirt. They work well as carry-on luggage on the plane and fit under the seat. For me, it is also important that the children were very happy to wear them. We will certainly have more than one trip ahead of us with these backpacks.

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