Thailand with Kids - Best Travel Guide

Thailand with Kids - Best Travel Guide

Read if you want to find out why Thailand is the perfect destination in Asia to start travelling on your own with kids. 

Because Thailand is a land of beautiful beaches, stunning nature, magnificent national parks, trekking paths, temples and delicious food. On top of this, the Thai people are incredibly welcoming to children. However, you can get lost in the wide range of attractions and activities offered. Which region should you choose to start your Thailand adventure? Let me help you find the perfect destination. 

Traveling Thailand with Kids for the first time

If you're going to Thailand with your child for the first time, you probably have a lot of concerns and doubts on how to prepare and expect when you arrive. This is all familiar to me because I've been through it myself when we moved to Thailand five years ago. I have already compiled and described most of the practical information about travelling with children in Thailand in a series of posts, which you will find links to later in this post.

In this article, I give a detailed look at how to prepare for the trip and how to arrange an itinerary in Thailand with kids. 

How to plan travel to Thailand with your kids

When choosing the part of Thailand you want to see, you should consider your expectations and your preferred style of travel. Answer the question of how you want to spend your time in Thailand. Do you prefer to relax on the beach, do some active sightseeing, or enjoy jungle trekking. What about a little bit of everything? You can do that too, and you don't have to travel all over Thailand at all, because you can find everything you are looking for in particular provinces.

Niestety, w przypadku Tajlandii trzeba się pogodzić z tym, że wszystkiego za jednym razem nie da się zwiedzić. Z pewnością można jednak zobaczyć wystarczająco dużo i spędzić wspaniały czas. Many visitors attempt to see as much as possible in Thailand, changing location every few days or even on a daily basis. Not everybody finds themselves in this kind of travel mode, however. Some people just want to spend their whole vacation in one spot. No pressure! Do it in a way that works for you and your family. dziećmi. Niektórzy chcą po prostu spędzć cały pobyt w jednym miejscu. Zwiedzaj Tajlandię na własną rękę w swoim tempie. 

Thailand with kids, when and where to go?

Before choosing your travel destination, don't forget to check the weather conditions in the region you plan to visit, as the weather in the south, for example, can be different from the weather in the east.

In general, the best time to come to most regions in Thailand is during the first three months of the year. At that time the weather is steady, it is dry and not too hot. Avoid the months with the highest precipitation if you expect to have nice weather throughout your stay. 

Everything you need to know about the weather in you will find in the Best Time to Visit Thailand. Weather in Thailand Rainfall charts for each tourist destination are included in the article.

Going to Thailand with a child on your own - with or without an itinerary?

Many experienced travellers choose to come to Thailand without a specific itinerary and with no hotels booked. I suggest, however, that you at least have the first night booked upon arrival, so that you don't have to look for accommodation with long-travel-weary crying children.

We travel with the children with a plan practically always, even around Thailand, which is now our home. We need the planning because we have limited time to travel because of work and school. We also have a defined and limited budget. By planning ahead, I have better control over the biggest expenses and can book flights and accommodation taking advantage of promotions.

Besides, I plan ahead due to the availability of accommodation. This is particularly important for our large family, because on small islands the better hotels in high season sell out very quickly. The closer we get to the date of the trip, the more expensive hotels or poor quality accommodation usually remains. 

Having a plan does not mean that our trips are planned line-by-line, with attractions scheduled from morning to evening. We have a fair amount of freedom and always adjust to our children's abilities. Sometimes we see more and other times we don't feel like actively exploring. 

Thailand with Kids - where to go and what to see guide

For enthusiasts of beautiful beaches and paradise islands

Tajlandia Koh Tao
Shark Bay, Koh Tao

When you visit Thailand mainly for the beaches, you should take these provinces and islands into consideration:

  • Krabi: Railay Beach, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Ngai
    The advantages of this province are the variety of attractions and islands, international and domestic airport, good connection between the islands and Phuket.
  • Phuket
    Phuket is an island and a province at the same time. It has the advantage of a variety of attractions, good infrastructure, an international airport and a good base for exploring the surrounding islands and provinces.
  • Surat Thani: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao
    Advantages of this province include a variety of attractions on land and islands, an international airport on land, an airport on Koh Samui island, good connections between neighbouring islands and the mainland.
  • Trat: Koh Chang, Koh Kut, Koh Mak
    This province is famous for its beautiful islands and has the advantages of an inland domestic airport, good connections between neighbouring islands and the mainland. Trat can be reached within 5-6 hours by car from Bangkok.
Railay in Thailand with kids
Railay Beach, Krabi
Railay in Thailand with kids
Phranang Cave Beach, Railay

Thai islands and beaches not requiring long transfers

podróżowanie z dzieckiem
Sai Noi Beach, Hua Hin

Prefer to avoid long transfers to the islands? Consider staying in these destinations:

  • Prachuap Khiri Khan: Hua Hin, Cha Am, Sam Roi Yot
    Prachuap is located on the Gulf of Thailand, on its western side. This province is very diverse and is famous for its many very nice beaches. 
  • Chonburi: Pattaya and the nearby island of Koh Larn
    The advantage of Chonburi is its proximity to Bangkok and its nice coastline. 
  • Rayong: coastline oraz wyspa Koh Samet
    While in Rayong, you can relax on the coast and on the beautiful island of Koh Samet, which is very close to the shore. The transfer to Samet is very easy and convenient.
  • Krabi: the coast and the Railay peninsula 
    Krabi has a good selection of beaches on the coast in addition to its many islands. Railay, on the other hand, can be reached from the mainland in 15-20 minutes.
  • Phuket
    You will get to Phuket directly by plane or car.
  • Koh Samui
    You can fly directly to Koh Samui island from Bangkok with Bangkok Airways. This is a very convenient option, but a little pricey compared to flying via Surat Thani Airport.
Best Things To Do in Hua Hin with Kids. Family-Friendly Guide to Hua Hin
Co robić w Hua Hin z dziećmi

Hua Hin to jedno z bardziej przyjaznych miejsc rodzinom w Tajlandii, pełne różnych atrkacji dla dzieci

plaza blisko Bangkoku
Beautiful beaches close to Bangkok

Check out what beaches you can find closest to Bangkok and how to get to them.

Places to go for the first time with a baby in Thailand

Phuket in Thailand with kids
Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

The tiny islands are extremely charming, but often there are no shops, ATMs, pharmacies or hospitals. Before going to such locations, it is better to stock up on cash and take an adequate supply of baby items.

If you do not feel confident in such places, it is better to choose islands and towns that have good infrastructure, shops, restaurants, pharmacies and hospitals:

  • Phuket 
  • Koh Samui 
  • Hua Hin (good connection to Bangkok)
  • Pattaya (good connection to Bangkok)

Thailand with kids for outdoor activities and nature enthusiasts

Fans of spending their holidays being active will certainly not be disappointed with Thailand. The list of available attractions and activities is practically endless. To name just a few of the opportunities to spend time in nature.

Going to national parks in Thailand

Sam Roi Yot Tajlandia
Sam Roi Yot

National parks offer unforgettable sights and experiences and and opportunities for active recreation. 

There is a whole selection of accommodation, camping spots and a wide range of excursions available in the larger parks. In addition, there are plenty of smaller parks that are also worth visiting. Admission to national parks is usually charged and the fee depends on the class of the park.

Class 1: adult 100 THB, child (3-14 years) 50 THB
e.g. Than Sadet Park on Koh Phangan Island

Class 2: adult 200 THB, child (3-14 years) 100 THB 
e.g. Khao Sok, Kui Buri, Sam Roi Yot

Class 3: adult 300 THB, child (3-14 years) 150 THB
e.g. Phang Nga, Erawan

Class 4: adult 500 THB, child (3-14 years) 250 THB
Similan Islands, Surin Islands

Advice: Before arriving and planning a visit to your chosen national park, check whether it is open. Many parks close completely or partially during the rainy season. A list of parks with information about them is available on this page

National parks in Thailand you must visit with kids

Thailand Khao Sok with child
Cheow Lan Lake w parku Khao Sok
Erawan Falls Tajlandia z dziećmi
Turquoise waterfalls in Erawan Park

Tours and hiking trails in Thailand with children

There are plenty of places to go trekking and it is possible to find paths that children can manage. Below are the places and trails we visited with children:

Tajlandia z niemowlakiem
Khao Nang Phanthurat

I obviously recommend trekking with toddlers only with a carrier and preferably in the early morning hours.

Island excursions in Thailand with children

wyspa Koh Nang Yuan
Koh Nang Yuan

One of the more popular leisure activities are day trips organised to the islands. As a rule, tours organised for larger groups, have a rather rigid programme and a fast pace. Therefore, there is no time for individual attention for families with children. Private tours offer more freedom, but these tend to be more expensive.

When planning island tours in Thailand with children, it is better to choose shorter ones. Half a day is completely sufficient. 

We took part in various excursions, including these:

Koh Poda Tajlandia, podróżowanie z dzieckiem
Snorkelling at Chicken Island, Krabi


When going on a trip, dress suitably and protect yourself from the sun. We wear UV swimming suits and shorts. In addition, of course, we use sunscreen. We take a waterproof bag and some change of clothes for the children and swimming goggles.

Elephant sanctuary in Thailand with children

Tajlandia z dzieckiem etyczne sanktuarium słoni
Elephant sanctuary

When it comes to elephant sanctuaries, bear in mind that only a small fraction of them are actually created for the benefit of the animals and not for tourists. We visited one of the so-called ethical sanctuaries ourselves, which I chose quite carefully. But after time, I came to the conclusion that this visit would have left much better impressions if touching and human involvement in bathing elephants had not been on the programme. These activities are for human entertainment, not for the benefit of the elephants.

The stay at the sanctuary lasted several hours and the oldest child had the most fun. The younger ones (under 3) were clearly bored after a while. The biggest joy was feeding the elephants.

There are plenty of places to see elephants living in the wild in Thailand, including Khao Sok Park, Khao Yai, Kaeng Krachan and Kui Buri.

When selecting a sanctuary, be guided as a minimum by the following criteria:

  • no elephant riding 
  • no chains or tight enclosures
  • no tricks or shows
  • very good reviews and recommendations from animal welfare associations
  • I encourage you to choose those places where no touching or bathing with animals takes place, as in an ethical sanctuary human and animal direct interaction should be limited.
Ze swojej strony polecam bardzo wizytę w Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.
Etyczne sanktuarium słoni w Tajlandii Wildlife Friends Foundation
Centrum ratunkowe dla słoni i zwierząt WFFT

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand zostało stworzone z myślą o zwierzętach, które dostają tu schronienie i pomoc medyczną. Takie miejsca warto odwiedzać!

Other attractions for children in Thailand

Jaskinia Chiang Dao Cave z dziećmi
Chiang Dao Cave

The choice of other attractions is huge, among them:

Exploring Asian cities with children

Bangkok z dzieckiem Skywalk Mahanakhon
At the highest terrace in Bangkok

Asian metropolises such as Bangkok are vibrant. They are big, noisy, stunning and can be exhausting as well. However, there are plenty of tranquil corners and child-friendly places in the Asian cities. 

Tajlandia i Bangkok z dzieckiem zwiedzanie atrakcje w Bangkoku
Exploring Bangkok with Kids. Child-friendly attractions

All about exploring Bangkok with children.

What you need to know before travelling to Thailand with your child

Thailand entry rules for tourists

Always check the current entry rules, which are described at

To enter Thailand for tourism purposes requires:

  • passport valid min. 6 months from the date of entry to Thailand
  • wiza nie jest wymagana, jeśli pobyt jest do 30 dni
  • wiza turystyczna wymagana przy pobycie dłuższym niż 30 dni

By land, it is only possible to enter Thailand under the visa-free scheme twice a year. The total length of stay in Thailand for tourism purposes may not exceed 180 days per year.

All information about the tourist visa is provided on the:

Payment means in Thailand and currency

The currency in Thailand is the Thai baht (THB). Thai exchange offices only accept the latest editions of dollar notes. It is better to stock up on an adequate amount of cash.

Transactions with foreign debit and credit cards are accepted, but you will not pay this way everywhere. When withdrawing from an ATM with a foreign card, THB 220 or so are charged. This is why it pays to withdraw larger sums of money.

Driving in Thailand

A driving licence of the relevant category is required for legal driving:

  • cat. A for driving scooters and motors
  • cat. B for driving cars
The driving licence must be international (only recognised up to 3 months after entry) or issued in Thailand. Read more in  Prawo jazdy w Tajlandii. Not being authorised to drive means not being covered by insurance companies for damages and medical treatment. Medical costs can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars in the event of serious injury.

The driver and passengers in Thailand are required to:

  • wearing helmets on motorbikes and scooters
  • wearing a seat belt
  • transporting children under 6 years of age or with a height of less than 135 cm in car seats or booster seats in private vehicles

Medical care in Thailand - read before you come

Opieka medyczna w Tajlandii, szczególnie jeśli mowa o prywatnej, jest na bardzo dobrym poziomie. Niestety, jest również płatna. Ubezpieczenie podróżne, pokrywające koszt transportu medycznego, to podstawa. Radzę ubezpieczyć się na kwotę min. 200000 złotych.

When it comes to preparing for travel, Thailand currently does not require any vaccinations, but there are recommended vaccinations. I wrote in detail about vaccinations and ways to protect against tropical diseases in a separate article: Tropical diseases in Thailand, how to protect yourself.

What not to do in Thailand

Thais tolerate foreigners a lot, even if you make mistake after mistake, they won't let you know, yet there are some things you'd better be aware of:

  • Thailand is a constitutional monarchy where the royal family is treated with utmost respect and dignity. The first, and most important, rule while in Thailand is never to express yourself negatively about the monarchy in public. There are very harsh consequences for doing so.
  • Buddhists make up the majority of the country, while Muslims are the dominant group in the south. Moving around in public places excessively undressed is frowned upon, although no one is likely to point this out to you. Inappropriately dressed, on the other hand, you will not be admitted into temples. Remember to cover your shoulders and knees.
Tajlandia kultura i zwyczaje
  • Thailand is called the Land of Smiles for a reason. Most nervous situations are easier to resolve with calm and a smile than with anger. Don't raise your voice or shout at people, it is highly frowned upon.
  • Take off your shoes, in places where you are asked to do so. Never point your foot towards a Buddha image or towards another person. Do not touch people, especially on the head.
  • Thais love children, hence you will find them chatting, sometimes touching (rather hands or feet), and taking photos. They usually do it with sensitivity, but if you don't wish close interactions, just smile and say "no photo/don't touch please". We occasionally benefited from the fact that somebody was willing to entertain our children while we ate our meal.
  • In stressful situations, Thais avoid confrontation. This occurs when, for example, they do not understand what you are saying, they do not speak English, or they do not know how to be helpful. Then typical reactions are to smile and back off or suddenly stop the conversation. 

In case of trouble in Thailand

I recommend downloading the Tourist Police I Lert U app, which makes it very easy and quick to report crimes and incidents in Thailand. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. It is available in English.

Other useful telephone numbers:

  • 1669 ambulance
  • 1159 or application Tourist Police I Lert U, – tourist police 

What to pack and bring to Thailand

Packing for a trip with a child works out better and better with the experience. The more children we had, the more the principle that less is more proved itself. You don't need a lot of typical baby gadgets when travelling at all, but there are some things I've always taken and I don't go without. 

Nie bierz za dużo ubrań, ponieważ w Tajlandii wszędzie są tanie i łatwodstępne pralnie. Gdyby coś jednak było potrzebne, można dokupić na miejscu za niewielkie pieniądze. Dzieciom zawsze pakuję na wyjazdy zestawy ubrań na około 5, maksymalnie7 dni, kierując się zasadmi opisanymi w tym poście Travel to the Tropics with Kids: How to Prepare

The exact list of things we take with us depends on what we plan to do on the trip. Trekking and overnight safaris definitely require more preparation for safety and comfort (see here). Apart from the typical summer clothes, we always have some kind of hoodie with us, which comes in handy when travelling and in air-conditioned places. I described everything about efficient packing in the post Family backpacking travel to Asia - Guide and Tips

W podróż z małymi dziećmi do Tajlandii polecam zabrać baby carrier, ale jeśli zastanawiasz się nad zabraniem wózka, przeczytaj ten wpis Should you bring a stroller to Thailand? 

How to get around in Thailand

Tajlandia jest bardzo łatwa do podróżowania, ponieważ są dostępne różne środki transportu, publiczne i prywatne. Popularne turystyczne miejscowości są dobrze skomunikowane, jednak odległości między niektórymi z nich są bardzo duże albo wymagają transferu promem. It is better to keep this in mind when planning your trip. The fewer days in Thailand, the better to limit the number of places because too much time is wasted just moving around. 

The transfer to the island sometimes takes half a day if you count getting from the hotel/airport to the port. Even a short flight by plane is half a day in travel. Some solution is to use night trains or buses, then you don't lose a day.

When searching for connections we usually use the application 12Go Asia and Air Asia. Więcej o transporcie w Tajlandii i przemieszczaniu się przeczytasz w tym poście Transport w Tajlandii: jak i czym się przemieszczać. Jeśli chcesz wiedzieć jak dogodnie podróżować po Bangkoku to przeczytaj How to get around Bangkok on public transport.

Food and baby items in Thailand

Thais love food and you can rest assured that a wide variety of food is available. Regarding baby food and products for babies, I have already covered everything in posts:

Railay in Thailand with kids
Jedzenie dla dzieci

All about thai food for kids in Thailand

Tajlandia z dzieckiem, niemowlę w Tajlandii
Artykuły dla niemowląt w Tajlandii

Nappies, milk, baby food - everything you need to know before travelling to Thailand with a baby

Hotels in Thailand for families with children

The choice of hotel depends on one's budget, expectations and the preferred travelling style. A wide variety of accommodation is available, from tent camping to luxury resorts. However, don't go for an all-inclusive stay; the most popular option is accommodation with or without breakfast. 

When choosing a place to sleep, we are driven by budget, cleanliness, reviews and the availability of rooms or family bungalows. I most often look for accommodation using Agoda, Booking and Google Maps.

We stayed overnight in a number of different hotels, some of which included:

  • Thai family homestay
  • beach bungalow
  • boutique hotels
  • serviced apartments
  • 4 and 5* resorts

Each of these places had its own charms and advantages, but we were definitely more fond of places with an unusual local vibe. It doesn't have to be expensive to stay in Thailand to a very good standard. There is no need to be afraid of 3* hotels, but it is always worth reading reviews.

When choosing a hotel, it is better to consider the location, proximity to the beach, shops and restaurants, unless you have transport provided. My advice is to avoid staying in places that are famous for partying as you may end up with sleepless nights.

When it comes to children's facilities, a lot depends on the hotel, but cots for children are most common. Larger hotels sometimes have a playground or kids club. In some apartments, we found full facilities for children, including a feeding chair and toys. 

How much does a holiday in Thailand with a child cost

Cost of tickets to Thailand

Tickets to Thailand:
The cost of tickets to Thailand is quite high, and as if that wasn't enough, in the post-pandemic period, prices have increased even more. You can find cheaper connections if you search in advance and are reasonably flexible with your timing. 

Internal flights: 
Depending on the destination and promotions, internal flights cost us between THB 250 and THB 1,300 per person with hand luggage one way. 

Flights to neighbouring countries:
We paid for tickets (bought on promotion) to other Asian countries:

  • approximately 1800 THB for a one-way flight Bangkok - Siem Reap 
  • approx. 1575 - 1800 for a one-way flight Bangkok - Vietnam

Cost of accommodation, transport and food in Thailand


Accommodation per person is in the following ranges:

  • on a budget: 500 - 1500 THB 
  • medium range: 1500 - 4000 THB
  • boutique and luxury hotels: over 4,000 THB
During our recent trips, we paid on average: THB 2700 - 2800 for 2 adults and 3 children (ages 5-10). The cheapest accommodation was 1500 THB for us (homestay), the most expensive around 5000 THB per night.


  • A taxi fare in the city costs approx: 200 - 300 THB for an average length Grab fare (e.g., airport-hotel route)
  • Taxi fare on the islands: on average 300 - 1000 THB. The range is considerable and the price depends on the distance and the type of taxi. On Koh Muk, a tuk tuk costs THB 50 per person.
  • Public transport ticket: 20 - 60 THB
  • Renting a scooter: approx. 300 THB per day
  • Car rental: 900 - 1200 THB per day 
  • Ferry to the islands: 450 - 1,250 THB per person (children under 3 are free, older children pay a smaller amount).

Attractions and activities cost in Thailand

The cost of attractions differs significantly:

  • Park entrance fees: from 0 - 500 THB per person
  • Tickets to amusement parks and various attractions: average THB 300 - 1000 per person
  • Organised tour: from about 1500 per person 
  • Private tour: around 2500 per person (but depends on the tour)

Cost of food in Thailand:

  • 40 - 100 THB for street food and in small local restaurants
  • 70 - 400 THB typical restaurant meal prices
  • above 400 THB - better restaurants or more sophisticated dishes 
Eating out, we spend an average of 300 to 1,500 THB for everything, depending on where we eat. It is more expensive on the small islands.

Thailand with a child ready to use itineraries

Here are some example ideas for staying 14 days in Thailand:

Bangkok (2 days) - Chiang Mai (4 days) - Phuket (6 days)- Bangkok (2 days)

Krabi: Krabi, Ao Nang (2 days) – Railay (2 days) – Koh Phi Phi (3 days) – Koh Lanta (7 days) – Krabi (departure)

Surat Thani: Bangkok (2 days) – Koh Samui (4 days) – Koh Phangan (4 days) – Koh Tao (3 days)- transfer Chumphon to Bangkok (1 day)

You can also be inspired by our trips in Thailand and Asia, which we always organise ourselves:

Angko Wat and Cambodia with kids
Cambodia with kids

While on holiday in Thailand, you can make a quick trip to Siem Reap for a tour of Angkor Wat.

Singapur co zobaczyć TOP atrakcje Singapuru
Singapore in a week - top attractions

See what's interesting to do for a week in Singapore and how much it costs

plan podróży Chiang Mai Tajlandia z dzieckiem
Chiang Mai and North Thailand

7 aktywnych dni na północy Tajlandii: kąpiele w wodospadzie, trekking przez dżunglę, zwiedzanie świątyń, odkrywanie jaskini

Thailand in a two week, itinerary in southern Thailand with kids
South Thailand in two weeks

Explore Khao Sok, Krabi and have some chill on Koh Lanta, Koh Ngai and Koh Mook Islands

Railay Beach Krabi Tajlandia z dzieckiem
Explore Railay Beach in Krabi

A few days on Railay with a tour of Koh Poda - practical information

Bangkok atrakcje co zobaczyć w Bangkoku
Explore Bangkok less touristy spots in two days

In just 2 days you can see a slice of Bangkok, and the lesser known one at that.

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