Singapur co zobaczyć TOP atrakcje Singapuru

Singapore: what to see and do, TOP attractions in Singapore

What to see in the Lion City - I present my mini guide to Singapore, from which you can find out the best attractions to visit in Singapore, where to stay, how to get around the city. Finally, you'll find out how much the trip to SIngapore with kids cost us. 

Because Singapore as a country is very small, there is a widespread belief that there are enough attractions for just 2 days of sightseeing. Two days is indeed sufficient to see Singapore's most famous attractions, but this is only a tiny part. We spent a week in Singapore and we still couldn't get enough.

Singapore must-see attractions

Singapore celebrates its 58th birthday this year (2023), so as a country is very young, but it is one of the most developed countries in Asia and the world. However, this extremely modern country is based firmly on traditional Chinese culture which can be noticeable, especially away from the touristy spots. Despite its modernity, Singapore is not just about skyscrapers, but also about the abundance of greenery, parks, historic landmarks and many islands, including famous Sentosa.

This is our second time in Singapore with the kids. The first time we flew to Singapore for a few days in 2018 shortly after moving to Bangkok. I remember being amazed by Singapore at the time and it was actually stunningly beautiful compared to Bangkok. You guys know, I love Bangkok, but this is definitely not a blind love. We had a very enjoyable time in Singapore then and managed to visit some nice places. We were supposed to return to Singapore in 2020, but the pandemic ruined our travel plans. Thankfully, we had the opportunity to travel to Singapore again with my family for a full week.

Singapore captivated me with its well-thought-out high-tech architecture blended alongside heritage sites, the greenery emerging from every corner, even the facades of buildings, and the simplicity of moving around the city. As a travelling mom, I appreciate how family-friendly Singapore is.

Singapur z dziećmi, atrakcje dla dzieci w Singapurze
Exploring Singapore with Kids

Check out what to visit in Singapore with kids and see how kid-friendly the destination is.

From all the Southeast Asian countries, Singapore stands out not only for its beauty and modernity, but also for its affordability. It is a rather expensive destination and a longer visit to Singapore is not cheap, but even here it is possible to find plenty of free activities. Here is what is definitely worth seeing in Singapore 

Marina Bay Waterfront walk

Singapore must see: Marina Bay
The view of Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay in Singapore is a modern and luxurious area of the city with its landmark Marina Bay Sands building featuring three towers and a park with pools on top, resembling a boat. Yet exploring the Marina is completely for free, so take a daytime and evening walk along the waterfront promenade to admire the modern high-rise buildings and boats sailing on the bay. 

Marina Bay
Singapur co zobaczyć

Singapore River, Clarke Quay and Merlion Park

Singapur co zobaczyć: Merlion Park i Marina Bay

Follow the promenade to Singapore's famous symbol, the Merlion Fountain, located at the mouth of the Singapore River. Continuing upstream along the promenade, you reach the lively and restaurant-filled Clarke Quay.

The Merlion is a statue representing a hybrid of a lion and a fish, and symbolises Singapore's history as a former fishing village and the city of the lion. There is also a legend behind this fountain which speaks of a prince who, saw a creature with the fish's tail and a lion's head. The statue is over 8 metres high. 

Walking from Merlion Park towards the river, go through the underground passage beneath the Fullerton Hotel, a former post office building in the past century. 

Go for shopping and great views at Marina Bay Sands

The view of Marina Bay Sands
View from Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is Singapore's most iconic landmark, being a luxury hotel with a huge and obviously glamorous shopping mall. It is worth stopping by at least for the pretty scenery and for the dining at Lavo restaurant on the 57th floor, with its brilliant outlook over Gardens by the Bay.

From Marina Bay Sands, you can conveniently access Gardens by the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands
Waterfall at Marina Bay Sands shopping centre

Leisure at Gardens by the Bay

Singapur co zobaczyć; Supertree Grove Gardens by the Bay
Supetree Grove

No doubt the most famous attraction in Singapore is the incredible, garden with its futuristic, colourful giant trees. You could spend a whole day or even more at the Gardens and never get tired of it. It's a great place to take a break from the hot and the city. The Gardens are so large and packed with attractions that everyone should be able to enjoy the peace and quiet they seek. 

We have spent two afternoons at Gardens by the Bay visiting:

  • Cloud Forest
  • Flower Dome
  • Far East Children’s Garden
  • Supertree Grove
  • Kingfisher Wetlands
  • Chinese Park
More useful information about the gardens coming in a separate post.
Free/paid for selected attractions

Fort Canning and the colourful Armenian Street

Co zobaczyć w Singapurze, Fort Canning Park
Pancur Larangan forbidden springs

Fort Canning Park is situated on a hilltop in the heart of the city of Singapore and hides a remarkable heritage, dating back to the 14th century. The park is a compound comprising up to nine theme parks, including the Armenian Street Park and the Bali-like Pancur Larangan. In the vicinity of the park you will find the Armenian Church, Children's Museum Singapore and Peranakan Museum.

The place is well worth a visit, especially considering it's easy to get here from various popular areas of the city, like Orchard Road. 

Fort Canning Park in Singapore Sang Nila Utama Garden
Fort Canning - a unique park in Singapore

Full review from Fort Canning Park

Armenian Street in Singapore
Armenian Street

Kampong Glam - the Arab Quarter in Singapore

A view of the Sultan Mosque

One of Singapore's oldest neighbourhoods, today an intensely climatic district with colourful townhouses, great eateries and street art. Above the district stands the golden dome of the 1824 The Sultan Mosque. 

Chinatown in Singapore

Singapur co zobaczyć; Chinatown
Buddha Tooth Relict Temple
Chinatown in Singapore

Countless stalls, restaurants, colourful buildings, wall murals and stunning temples - that's how Chinatown in Singapore looks like. A stroll through the Chinese quarter is almost a must. 

After the tour, you can go in for an unusual ice cream at Only Creamery Gelato to taste white chocolate flavoured ice cream with butterlfy pea flowers and nori seaweed.

Botanic Gardens in Singapore

Botanic Gardens in Singapore

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite destinations to indulge in nature. The nature there is amazing and the park is obviously perfected in every way, while at times you can get a jungle feel. If you're lucky, you will encounter a family of otters there.

Podróżującym z dziećmi polecam część ogrodu wydzieloną wyłącznie dla dzieci i ich opiekunów, czyli Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Mount Faber Park and Poland's Bells of Happiness

Singapur Polskie Dzwony Szczęścia w parku Mount Faber
Poland's Bells of Happiness

We went to Mount Faber Park on our way to Sentosa Island. The park is not big and is situated on one of the highest hills in Singapore. At the very top there is a great Polish accent, Poland's Bells of Happiness. 

The bells are from the ship Dar Pomorza and Dar Młodzieży. They were donated by Poland in 1992 and 2019 respectively to celebrate the friendly relations between Poland and Singapore. 

Take a ride in the Mount Faber Cable Car

Wyspa Sentosa Mount Faber Cable Car
On the way to Sentosa

From the peak of Mount Faber, we took a cable car ride to Sentosa Island. The ride takes 15 minutes and in that time you can enjoy the gorgeous views and countless boats visible over the horizon. Although it is possible to go to Sentosa by public transport, I decided that the cable car ride would be a great activity in Singapore and indeed the experience was amazing. 

I purchased my tickets on-line to avoid queuing, plus there was a promotion, 20% off when purchased online (discounted prices below). 

Mount Faber Line tickets (round trip)

Adult: 26.4 SGD, Child (4-12 years old): 17.6 SGD

Leisure and swimming on Sentosa Island

Wyspa Sentosa Singapur, co robić w Sinagpurze

Sentosa Island is one great attraction in Singapore. You could spend several days on it and not be bored at all. Here you will find water parks and various amusement parks, such as Madame Tussauds Singapore or Universal Studios Singapore. I selected from the wide range of entertainment options what suited us best. We decided on a little walk around the island and a stay at Palawan Beach. 

A stay on Sentosa was free, as I used the free Beach Shuttle Bus and Sentosa Express on the island.

Free/paid for selected attractions

Flight to Singapore

Singapore is an extremely interesting tourist country, but because of the prices, it is very common to drop by in transit and explore during a stopover. 

If you are planning to stay in Thailand, I would recommend a short trip to Singapore, it is just a 2 hour flight from Bangkok and about 1 hour from Phuket. We flew from Bangkok on Air Asia airlines. 

Lot do Tajlandii i Azji z dzieckiem
Flight to Thailand and Asia with kids

A long flight to Asia (with kids) doesn't have to be tiring at all. See what flying with Qatar Airways looks like.

How to get around Singapore

Getting around Singapore is easy as there is well-developed public transportation with convenient fare payment system. We explored Singapore by metro and buses. Most attractions are accessible by public transport.

In public transportation the are no tickets. You may select from various options of payment instead:

  • payment by credit card – the most convenient way to pay, as long as you have as many cards as family members travelling with you. 
  • e-wallet – it is also a convenient method if you use mobile wallets. You can then easily pay with your phone or watch (e.g. Apple Watch)
  • SG Tourist Pass – allows for unlimited trips for 1, 2 or 3 days in a package, but before you go for it, read below if it is worth it
  • EZ-link – a pre-paid card that you have to top up to use
  • Child Concession Card – if you have a child taller than 90 cm, but less than 7 years old, get this card (details below)
When paying in public transport, the card must be validated when getting on and off the bus or MRT station. 

Is it worth buying the SG Tourist Pass?

Tourists in Singapore can buy a 1, 2 or 3-day Tourist Pass or a 3-day SG Tourist Pass, which allows for unlimited travel by public transport. The cost of such a card is as follows:

  • Tourist Pass: 22, 29, 34 SGD
  • SG Tourist Pass: 29 SGD

After the card expires, Tourist Pass cards operate on the same principle as EZ-link, i.e. they need to be topped up.

You would have to ride every day for about 10 SGD to say that SG Tourist Pass payed off. Before leaving for Singapore I checked the routes I planned to use and even with 8 trips a day, the cost of the card would not pay off. That's why I chose EZ-link, and as it turned out, it was a good choice, because for 6 days of moving freely around Singapore I paid about SGD 25, including the cost of buying the card. But everyone should calculate it according to their own sightseeing plans.

The Tourist Pass can be purchased from the Ticket Office at selected metro stations.

How the EZ-link card works in Singapore

The EZ-link card costs 10 SGD, of which 5 SGD is the balance on the card. You have to top up your card to drive around Singapore (see fares).

Cards can be purchased at Passenger Service and Ticket Office for cash for tourists who do not have a local bank account. 

You can top up your card in numerous vending machines, but there is one problem. The machines only accept local cards issued in Singapore. So when you top up EZ-link you must have cash with you. With the exception of the purchase of EZ-link cards and their top-up, we had a cashless stay throughout our stay and paid with a card everywhere.

Kids in Singapore ride for free in public tranportation

Children under the age of 7 can travel on public transport in Singapore for free if they have Child Concession Card. Children under 90 cm tall travel for free even if they have no Child Concession Card..

To get a Concession Card, go to one of the SimplyGo Ticket Office. You may find one at Changi Airport MRT Station. The card is free, but you must show the child's passport.

Children between 90 cm and 120 cm without a card pay a student/adult fare. Children over 7 years and/or over 120 cm without a card, pay as adults. 

Two of our children got the Child Concession Card, including a daughter who is exactly 7 years old. I bought an EZ-link card for my teenage child.

Tourist Pass

22/29/34 SGD per card and unlimited journeys


5 SGD per card +
5 SGD compulsory balance when purchasing
+ top up

Child Concession Card

0 SGD per card +
free rides

Public transport ticket price list

For the average length of the ride, cost is approx. 1 SGD

Useful applications in Singapore

When I was planning itinerary and during our stay in Singapore I was using Google Maps and Visit Singapore.

The following apps may also be useful:

  • SimplyGo
  • MyTransport

Singapore - entry rules

You can enter Singapore without a visa for up to 90 days with a passport valid for at least six months. However, 3 days prior to arrival you must apply online for SG Arrival Card. It takes a few minutes to complete, but saves time at the airport, where passport control goes very smoothly.

Where to stay in Singapore

Hotels in Singapore are not cheap and in order to cut costs, you might consider staying in a capsule hotel. I seriously considered booking an overnight stay at the CUBE Family Boutique Capsule in Chinatown. 

In the end, we chose Louis Kienne Serviced Residences. We managed to book a serviced flat at an attractive price for Singapore of SGD 252.4 per night (for 5 people). We booked it in advance and it was well worth it as a month before arrival the price increased significantly. 

The apartment was really nice and clean, with a bedroom, a sofa bed in the living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. On top of that we had a laundry room (extra charge, 6 SGD for a washing machine and another 6 SGD for a dryer), a mini gym and a mini playground. 

There is a rooftop restaurant and a swimming pool with a view of Singapore. Close to the hotel, we had bus stops and a MRT station Havelock TE16 (Thomson East-Coast Line), from which you can reach the Gardens by the Bay directly.

When to visit Singapore

The weather in Singapore is fairly consistent throughout the year, with little fluctuation in certain months. Which means Singapore can be visited at any time during the year, also during the rainy season in Thailand.

It rains quite a lot in Singapore (the number of rainy days is 167), but this really doesn't interfere with anything. The most rainy period is at the turn of the year, which is the months of December to January. Temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year, with a night-time average of 23-25C and a daytime average of 31-33C. The warmest months are May and June, the coolest are December and January. Weather information is taken from Meteorological Service Singapore.

We were in Singapore in April and in late July and early August. I remember that it was very hot in April, whereas the stay in July/August was really enjoyable in terms of weather. Of course it was quite hot, but we got a pleasant breeze and one rainy day. 

How much does it cost to stay in Singapore (with children)

When planning my stay in Singapore, I set myself up for a fairly high cost, mainly due to the price of attractions and hotels. However, not all attractions in Singapore are charged. In fact, it is quite easy to visit Singapore and see a lot of things for free

We spent 8 days in Singapore, 2 of which we stayed overnight at a friend's house. For 5 days, I explored Singapore alone with my kids as my husband was working during that time. Most of the costs for food, attractions and transportation were for me and the 3 children (5-11 years old). I have not included the cost of plane tickets and the cost of Grab from and to the airport in the expenses. 

The final amount is the average price for 5 days per person for accommodation, public transport, food and attractions. We ate in restaurants and food courts in shopping malls. On top of that, I did my breakfast shopping at Fair Price shops. For basic products like milk, cereal, yoghurt, snacks and fruit, I paid around SGD 30. Water in Singapore is free and safe to drink from the tap.

On average, I spent SGD 30-50 per 4 people in restaurants for food with drinks. Not much more than I spent on eating out in Poland in July 2023.


757,2 PLN/noc
252,4 SGD/night (5 people)


150 PLN
50 SGD (2 people per 6 days)


270-360 PLN/os.
90-120 SGD/day (4 people)


783 PLN
261 SGD

5 days in Singapore cost

1781,6 PLN/os
593.9 SGD/person

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