Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin Thailand

Pranburi Forest Park: mangrove forest

Stunning evergreens with lazy river and rainbow crabs, this is what the mangrove forest of Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin looks like. I love this place and even though I have been there many times before, I still like to stop by once in a while. Check out what other attractions await tourists at Pranburi Forest Park and how to get there.

Mangrove forests in Thailand

Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin Thailand

A mangrove forest comprises an evergreen plantation of low-growing mangroves that grow on wet coasts in the tropics. They are extremely beneficial to the ecosystem. Various marine animals find shelter in the mangroves' roots, which grow well above the water level. Mangroves are found in large numbers in Thailand, including Krabi, Phang Nga and the island of Koh Lanta, ale jeśli będziecie w Hua Hin, to polecam udać się do lasu Pranburi Forest Park.

A walk in the Pranburi Forest Park

Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin Thailand

The Pranburi Forest Park comprises a mangrove forest with a footbridge, Pran Kiri Beach and camping sites. The entrance to the footbridge into the forest is on the right side of the park from the park entrance. 

The wooden footbridge in the Pranburi Forest park is 1 km long. The beginning, which is dominated by roots protruding from the water, is inhabited in large numbers by rainbow-coloured crabs. The crabs can be found in the morning and when the water level is low. However, it is not only in the morning that it is pleasant there. Even in the afternoon, there is plenty of shade in the forest.

About halfway along the route there is a boat jetty on the river. At high tide and high water levels, boats run on the river.

By the end of the route, you can access the viewing tower and admire the sea of greenery from above. The final section of the footbridge is intense green and dense shrubbery.

Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin Thailand
Pranburi Forest Park las namorzynowy
Krab w lesie namorzynowym Pranburi Forest Park

River cruise in Pranburi Forest Park

With a high tide at sea, the river in the forest fills with water and boats are already waiting for tourists at the pier. The boat cruise costs 450 THB and lasts about 40-50 min. The boat sails first through the mangrove forest and then enters the harbour-filled estuary of the Pranburi River. As you sail along the harbour, you can watch the fishermen prepare their fishing boats for the night's seafood catch. The boat continues upstream for some more time, where you can enjoy nice views, before turning back to the peaceful forest.

Pranburi Forest Park near Hua Hin Thailand
Rejs po lesie namorzynowym Pranburi Forest Park
River at high tide
Pranburi Forest
River at low tide

Pran Kiri Beach campsite

Pranburi Forest Park is also a piece of coastline with Pran Kiri Beach, which is overgrown with Casuarina trees. There is a cycling and walking path by the beach, as well as a camping area.

Pranburi Forest Park Tajlandia Plaża Pran Khiri

How to get to Pranburi Forest Park?

The Pranburi Forest Park is located about 20-25 minutes south of Hua Hin. It can be reached either by own transport or by taxi. The route to Pranburi Forest park leads through very peaceful and scenic areas. If you are lucky, you may encounter peacocks along the way or some macaques running across the road.

On the way back from the park it's worth stopping off either at the Eureka restaurant, or the 1d+ Artist restaurant. We enjoyed popping into the small but friendly Mr Jok restaurant.

What you should know about Pranburi Forest Park

Facilities at the park include toilets, parking, as well as a shop and café. 

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday
8.00 - 16.00



Boat trip

450 THB
(1-4 people)

Pranburi Forest Park with Kids

The park is an interesting and safe attraction for children, but it is impossible to move a typical pushchair over the footbridge, as there are trees sticking out of it in some places. A plus here for the Babyzen Yoyo, which was able to get over the footbridge even in some narrow places.  

W Pranburi Forest z wózkiem
W Pranburi Forest z wózkiem

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