Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) paradise island in Thailand perfect for a family with kids

Koh Talu: a Paradise Island in Thailand for Holidays with Kids

Koh Talu (or Koh Thalu) is a tranquil and truly paradise island in Thailand just perfect for an all-inclusive holiday with kids. Talu Island amazes with its crystal clear waters, natural palm gardens and wonderful beaches. That's not all! The island of Koh Talu is little known, small and thus has retained its idyllic character. We felt as if we were on the island practically alone and this was during the peak tourist season. There is more to this unique island's advantages.

Idyllic Stay on the Paradise Island of Koh Talu

I was thrilled by the view of Koh Talu from the moment I stepped onto the pier and that awe didn't go away until the end of my stay. We have been to many islands in Thailand that capture our hearts, but this one is unique in many ways and completely enchanted us. I simply cannot believe that such a beautiful island in Thailand is still so little known. Possibly this is due to the fact that the island is situated in a region which is rather overlooked by foreign tourists.

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) paradise island in Thailand perfect for a family with kids
Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) rajska wyspa w Tajlandii z dziećmi

There are two bays on Koh Talu Island offering beaches to stay at. One is the main bay of Ao Sai Yai (Big Bay) and the other is Ao Muk (Pearl Beach). There is a jetty, restaurant and turtle nursery at Big Bay. Pearl Bay, on the other hand, is noticeably smaller and there are only cottages and a café at Pearl Bay. It is possible to walk from Pearl Bay to the main bay or to take a shuttle.

We stayed at the Big Bay and we were very pleased with our choice, however, both locations are interesting and worth considering.

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) paradise island in Thailand perfect for a family with kids
Big Bay, Koh Talu

Our accommodation was in a large, traditionally Thai wooden bungalow called the Thai Style Ocean Villa. Although the bungalow was slightly worn, the rooms were clean and spacious, equipped with air conditioning and a fan. The bathrooms need some renovations, but for a couple of days' stay, the comfort level is satisfactory.

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) Pearl Bay
Pearl Bay, Koh Talu
Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) Pearl Bay
Beach at Pearl Bay

Things You Need to Know about Koh Talu

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) paradise island in Thailand perfect for a family with kids

Koh Talu is a very unique island in Thailand with sustainable tourism, implementing two ongoing projects to protect the island's natural resources. One project involves the conservation and restoration of the coral reef, while the second focuses on protecting the population of the sea turtles that lay their eggs on Talu.

There is only one resort on Koh Talu. The owners of the resort contribute part of the income to finance both projects. We like to visit places that support the indigenous environment and we are happy to support.

Koh Talu, an All-Inclusive Holiday with Kids on a Private Island in Thailand

If you're dreaming of a hassle-free, peaceful holiday in Thailand with children where you can totally relax, then Koh Talu should satisfy that desire. The island's resort operates a bit like an all-inclusive vacation, which is not often found in Thailand. Unlike typical all-inclusive holidays, Koh Talu offers an intimate setting so that you have this paradise island almost exclusively. 

It is possible to book your stay on the island through Booking or Agoda, but I reserved directly on the hotel's website. This allowed me to choose the best option for us from a couple of available packages and different types of bungalows. The package prices start from 3900 THB per person. Children under 3 sleep on the available beds for free, while children aged 4-10 have a 30% discount. 

It may seem a bit pricey, but the package includes full board, accommodation, transfers, insurance, snorkelling and the various activities available. Taking all this into consideration, along with the fact that the island is uninhabited, it comes out to not that much.   

Guests are catered for three main meals buffet style and drinks around the clock. The majority of food is Thai dishes with plenty of fresh seafood and fish, but there is also at least one Western dish each time. Our children enjoyed rice, fish, eggs, fries, tomato sauce noodles, vegetables, and pancakes or cereal for breakfast. For dessert there was fresh fruit and traditional Thai desserts. 

There is a shop next to the restaurant where you can buy snacks and various beach accessories, even clothes and basic personal care items.  

The island is powered by electricity from generators, so the power is switched off twice a day for two hours at 10 a.m. and at 3 p.m. It is better to charge electronic equipment in advance. 

How to Get to Koh Talu

Koh Thalu Island (Koh Thalu) is located in the southern part of Prachuap Khiri Khan province in the Gulf of Thailand only 2.5 hours' drive from Hua Hin.

Shuttle service to the island is provided twice daily, at 10.30 a.m. and at 3 p.m. Motorboats depart from Koh Marina. There are parking facilities, toilets and a drinks and snack corner for guests at the marina. The entire journey takes just 20 minutes.

What to Do on Koh Talu with Kids

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) rajska wyspa w Tajlandii z dziećmi

Koh Talu is one of the safest islands in Thailand to stay on with kids we've been to. Our children were very comfortable and were roaming the path along the beach on their own and we could see them from a distance. The water is also very safe as the seabed is shallow and incredibly clear. 

The main highlight of the island is the sea and the beach, where you can play or use the kayaks and SUP boards available. Children are sure to enjoy the turtle nursery, which can be visited throughout the day. 

There is a small playground for the youngest guests next to the reception, and both beaches have swings and palm trees that can be easily climbed.

There are snorkelling, guided trekking and evening squid fishing activities on the island. 

Koh Talu (Koh Thalu) rajska wyspa w Tajlandii z dziećmi

One-day Trip to Koh Talu Island

I highly recommend spending a couple of days on Koh Talu, however, if you are unable to do so, you could always come on a day trip. The excursion can be arranged through the resort. The price of the tour includes transport to and from Hua Hin, snorkelling, a meal and leisure time on the island. 

The Best Time to Come to Koh Talu

The weather on Koh Talu Island is similar to that in Hua Hin, so the intense rainy season lasts for about two months in September and October. However, the best weather can be expected from January to the end of May. For more on the weather in Thailand, read here.

We have been to Koh Talu at the end of February and we had gorgeous weather and fabulous sea conditions. 

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