Singapur z dziećmi, atrakcje dla dzieci w Singapurze

Exploring Singapore with Kids: the Best Attractions for Children

Singapore is an extremely friendly destination in Southeast Asia for travelling with children of all ages, even babies, as we tested ourselves a few years ago. This year we returned to the Lion City for a full week and I explored Singapore alone with the kids for 5 days. Check out what we visited and what facilities and attractions for children await in Singapore.


Singapore with Baby

We have been to Singapore twice, the first time in 2018 when our youngest child was less than 5 months old, our middle child was 2 years old and our oldest was 6 years old. Now our youngest is 5 years old, so we know first-hand what it's like to visit Singapore with a baby, toddler and teenager. 

We were in Singapore for eight nights, two of which were hosted by friends, and the rest of the time we stayed in a hotel. Like the first time, our last trip was a work-private trip, meaning that my husband unfortunately had to work all days while my children and I were exploring. From Monday to Friday I explored Singapore alone with the kids, while on Saturday we managed to spend the whole day together with my husband.

We stayed in a Louis Kienne serviced suite, with kitchen, laundry, pool and mini kids club. From the hotel we had a 3-4 minute walk to the MRT and to the bus.

Everything we saw during that week, useful information about the hotel, transportation and the cost of the trip I described in the article Singapore: what to see and do, TOP attractions in Singapore, while in this post I focus on facilities and attractions in Singapore for children.

Exploring Singapore with Kids - child-friendly facilities

Singapore is a very clean, well laid out and safe city that is easy to navigate with children. The following facilities in Singapore await visitors and families with children:

woda pitna w Singapurze

How to explore Singapore with Kids?

I encourage you to explore Singapore by public transportation, which is brilliant in every way, including financial. I was so comfortable taking public transportation around Singapore, even with an infant buggy a few years ago, that I never once thought of taking a taxi while sightseeing. 

Singapore with Baby

Do children ride public transportation for free in Singapore?

Yes, however, there are a few conditions that need to be met in order for a child to ride public transportation for free in Singapore. 

Karta Child Concession Card na darmowe przejazdy dla dzieci w Singapurze

Free rides are available to all children under 90 cm in height. However, children over 90 cm but less than 7 years old (counting until 30.4 in which the child turns 7 years old) can ride for free in Singapore only, if they hold a Child Concession Card.

Issuing the Child Concession Card is free and takes as long as standing in line at the Ticket Office, but it's really worth it! Remember to bring your child's passport with you as you will need one. The card is required on transport and must be validated when you get on and off. Bus drivers ensure that you use your card. If you do not have the card, you will pay the adult rate.

We managed to get two cards, for our 5-year-old and for our daughter, who is already 7 years old. This allowed us to save SGD 50.

Older children on public transportation in Singapore

Children over 7 years old must pay the rate as adults. As tickets are no longer used on Singapore's transport, you can pay for your journeys by debit card, EZ-link or Tourist Pass. I have written more about how all these methods differ and about public transportation in the article Singapore: what to see and do, TOP attractions in Singapore.

We decided to issue EZ-link to our eldest daughter because losing this card if she loses it is a lesser loss than losing a debit card.

Children over 90 cm up to 7 years

Free rides with Child Concession Card.
Children 90 cm - 120 cm tall without a card pay as adults

Children over 7 years

Paid rides according to the adult fare list
The average length of the route costs approximately 1 SGD

Singapore with Kids: intinerary and list of attractions

You can easily see a lot with children in Singapore and you are not limited to typical children's attractions. What's more, you can easily choose attractions that are free of charge.

I wanted to see as many places of interest as possible, while ensuring that the children were not bored either. So I managed to arrange it reasonably and without too much effort, to keep everyone happy and at the same time not get too tired. Here is our itinerary from Monday to Saturday.

Singapore tour itinerary with Kids

Fort Canning and the colourful Armenian Street

Atrakcje dla dzieci w Singapurze - Jubilee Park Fort Canning

Fort Canning Park is situated on a hilltop in the heart of the city of Singapore and hides a remarkable heritage, dating back to the 14th century. The park is a compound comprising up to nine theme parks, including the Armenian Street Park and the Bali-like Pancur Larangan. In the vicinity of the park you will find the Armenian Church, Children's Museum Singapore and Peranakan Museum.

We came to Fort Canning mainly to spend some time at the playground, which is located in Jubilee Park. The playground is well designed and blended into the greenery and hill of the park. Fort Canning and the surrounding area is great, which is why a separate post has been written about it.

Fort Canning Park in Singapore Sang Nila Utama Garden
Fort Canning - unique park in Singapore

This park is a fascinating journey back in time to the Kingdom of Singapura, with amazing landscaping and a sensational playground.

Children's Museum atrakcje dla dzieci w Singapurze

Take a ride in the Mount Faber Cable Car

Exploring Singapore with Kids

Going to Sentosa with my children, I decided to take the cable car going from Mount Faber. The ride takes 15 minutes, and during that time you can enjoy the beautiful views and the countless boats visible over the horizon. Although it is possible to go to Sentosa by public transport, I thought the cable car would be a great attraction and indeed the experience was amazing. 

The children were delighted with the ride. It's worth buying tickets online, it's cheaper then and you don't have to queue.

Mount Faber Line tickets (round trip)

Adult: 26,4 SGD, Child (4-12 years): 17,6 SGD

Sentosa Island with Kids

Wyspa Sentosa Singapur z dziećmi - plaża Palawan

Singapore is widely known as a modern city and few people associate a visit to Singapore with a typical beach visit. Meanwhile, there are several beaches on Sentosa Island just a stone's throw from the city centre. 

Sentosa in general is one big attraction for children in Singapore to spend days at. We, however, went to Sentosa to spend an afternoon on the beach. Worth mentioning is that you can ride around Sentosa for free. There will be a separate post about Sentosa soon.

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Ogród botaniczny Jacob Ballas Children's garden w Singapurze

Imagine a safe and well-designed botanical garden with a playful learning environment created exclusively for children. This is the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, where adults are only allowed to enter when accompanied by children. A fantastic place that we visited twice. The last visit to the Children's Garden was a memorable experience as we met a family of otters. After playing, we went for a tasty lunch at the Little Spot café.

Czytaj więcej o ogrodzie w osobnym wpisie:

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden ogród botaniczny dla dzieci w Singapurze
Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

Ogór stworzony dla dzieci na cały dzień zabawy w przyrodzie

Exploring Gardens by the Bay with Kids

Atrakcje dla dzieci w Singapurze

Gardens by the Bay is almost a must-see on your itinerary when visiting Singapore with children, this is our second time there and it still delights. Visitors can choose from both paid and completely cost-free attractions. I broke the Gardens by the Bay tour into two afternoons, but you can easily do it in one day if you start early enough.

Remember to bring your children's swimwear when going to the Gardens as there is a great water playground (Far East Children's Garden). There are full facilities at the playground with changing rooms, lockers and a café. Children aged 1-5 can additionally play in the small playground. We went to the water playground around 5.20pm and stayed until the end, which was 7pm. 

After 7pm we walked towards Supertree Grove and took a seat for the Garden Rhapsody show at 7.45pm.  

On Saturday afternoon we went to Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Children really enjoyed both places. It is better to book a minimum of 2.5 hours for these two attractions and start with Flower Dome. We finished the day with cold drinks in the café at Dragonfly Lake.

More useful information about the gardens coming in a separate post.
Free/paid for selected attractions

Marina Bay Sands

Singapur taras widokowy

We went to Marina Bay Sands, the most iconic building in Singapore, for a short walk around the shopping centre and for lunch at the Italian restaurant Lavo. The kids really enjoyed their meal there, and we additionally enjoyed splendid views of Gardens by the Bay. 

Exploring old districts is also a great attraction for Kids in Singapore

Kampong Glam w Singapurze

Our children are accustomed to visiting cities and we never limit our visits to playgrounds or amusement parks. We like to wander the different streets, pop into restaurants and cafés and admire the street art.  

I took the children on a walking tour of two very colourful and beautiful districts, namely the Arab district of Kampong Glam and Chinatown. At the end of the Chinatown tour, we dropped into Only Creamery Gelato for some colourful ice cream to cool off and relieve our aching feet.

Singapore with Kids - food and baby stuffs

We didn't have much problem finding food that our kids liked. However, compared to Thailand where food is cheap and available everywhere, in Singapore you have to look for it in restaurants, food courts and hawker centres. The average price of one dish in restaurants and food courts is SGD 10-15, for drinks you should spend SGD 2-7. Ice cream in Singapore is an expense of SGD 2-7 depending on the place. I used to spend SGD 30-50 on a single food outing with my children.

There is a chain of 7-Eleven shops in Singapore but the range is quite poor and expensive, for better grocery shopping I recommend Fair Price shops. As we were staying in a hotel without breakfast, I shopped at Fair Price where I bought milk, cereal, yoghurts, fruits and some snacks (I spent about SGD 30 on one shopping trip for 2 days). For 2 SGD you could buy a packet of discounted and perfectly good fruit there.

The shop also had typical baby items such as nappies, milk and baby ready-to-eat food. Prices and available products can be checked at Fair Price.

Flying to Singapore with Kids

Singapore is a great destination to travel with children, but the long flight and travel expenses can be a daunting experience. I have written about what a long flight with children to Asia is like and how to survive it in a series of articles (see below).

To minimise the cost of your trip, you could visit Singapore for a few days when visiting Thailand, for example. It's only a two-hour flight from Bangkok and a little over an hour from Phuket. We flew into Singapore from Bangkok on Air Asia, which often offers discounted tickets.

Lot do Tajlandii i Azji z dzieckiem
Flight to Thailand and Asia with kids

A long flight to Asia (with kids) doesn't have to be tiring at all. See what flying with Qatar Airways looks like.

Lot do Tajlandii z dzieckiem, na lotnisku
How to survive a long haul flight with Kids

In this article you will find a handful of tips, proven on children, for making a flight with a child easier and more bearable

podróż samolotem z wózkiem
All you should know about flying with baby stroller

Everything you need to know about flying with single and double buggies

Singapore with Kids - vaccinations, mosquitoes and tropical diseases

Singapore has a tropical climate, which immediately brings with it the subject of tropical diseases. In terms of food and drink hygiene, there is hardly anything to worry about, especially as Singapore's tap water is safe to drink and, apart from a slight chlorine smell, quite tasty. 

Despite numerous preventive measures, Singapore is home to tiger mosquitoes, which can spread diseases such as Dengue and Zika. In 2023, by the end of July, 217 cases of Dengue and 24 of Zika have been reported in Singapore (source: National Environment Agency). Considering a population of 6 million, these numbers are not big, but the risk although minimal, does exist.

You should use suitable repellents. For children, we have found icaridine repellents to be safe. We were bitten by a few mosquitoes during our stay and the repellent came in handy, especially in green spaces. Remember that a mosquito bite does not yet mean you are infected, but you should pay attention to the appearance of fever, muscle pain or rashes after any trip to the tropics.

Jeśli chodzi o szczepienia zalecane, polecam kontakt z lekarzem pediatrą lub medycyny podróży, ale jako mieszkanka Tajlandii dodam, że zawsze warto mieć aktualne szczepienia podstawowe oraz wzw a i dur brzuszny.
O tym jak się chronimy przed chorobami tropikalnymi na co dzień, mieszkając w Azji Południowo-Wschodniej, napisałam here

Podróż w tropiki z dziećmi
Podróż w tropiki z dziećmi

Poznaj nasze sposoby na radzenie sobie z tropikalnymi upałami

If you enjoyed our list of attractions for Kids in Singapore, explore other Asian cities with us!

Bangkok z dzieckiem Skywalk Mahanakhon
Explore Bangkok with Kids

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Angko Wat and Cambodia with kids
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