Erawan Fall waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park

Erawan Fall, a Turquoise Waterfall in Kanchanaburi

Erawan Fall is the main attraction of Erawan National Park in Kanchaburi. The waterfall is famous for the beautiful turquoise colour of its water. Although it is not the largest or prettiest waterfall in Thailand, its colour is exceptionally beautiful and attracts crowds of tourists. Erawan Waterfall is worth visiting with children.

We travelled to Erawan National Park as part of a day trip from Kanchanaburi, where we stayed for a weekend near the the Kwae River Bridge. We were there in July, which is the rainy season, but the weather was dreamlike on the day of the trip. We set off for the park early in the morning in a hired car with a driver. 

There is an entrance fee to the park and all the facilities with shops, toilets and showers are on site. It is quite a stretch of road from the park headquarters to the first level of Erawan Falls, so we took advantage of a golf cart lift, which cost us THB 30 per adult and THB 15 per child. 

The trail from level one to level two is very easy and pleasant. From level two it starts to get a little more difficult and above that you cannot bring in food. Water can be brought in if you report this to the rangers and pay a deposit. It gets more difficult the higher you go, however, it is not the most challenging trail.

It is possible to swim in the waterfall, so it is worth bringing a costume. I really regret that bathing was banned while we were there.

Erawan Fall waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Erawan National Park
Erawan Fall in Kanchanaburi with Kids, Erawan National Park

Visitng Erawan Waterfall with Children

When going to the Erawan Fall waterfall with young children, it is better to take a carrier and a stock of water. Besides, make sure to take proper footwear and sun protection. At the time we were at the waterfall, it was very hot and muggy from the humidity. 

Erawan Fall in Kanchanaburi with Kids, Erawan National Park

The Best Time to Visit Erawan National Park

Kanchanaburi is a western province located in the central region, where the weather is kinder even during the rainy season. There are good conditions almost all year round, except for the rainiest months (September and October). When planning an outing to Erawan Fall , it is better to check in advance if the park is open, as it is periodically closed during heavy downpours.

If you want to enjoy the intense colour of the water, it is best to come on a sunny day.

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