Bangkok atrakcje co zobaczyć w Bangkoku

Bangkok in 2 Days - Discover Hidden Gems

Two days is definitely not enough to get to know Bangkok well, but it is enough to see the unique and unusual tourist attractions. 

Forget the clichéd places, Bangkok really does have a lot more to offer than Khao San Road.

During our recent trip to Bangkok, we had exactly 2 days to explore and took advantage of them to explore the charming corners of the oldest districts along the Chao Phraya River. We managed to see:

  • the historic and charming district of Talat Noi
  • The Bang Rak district, full of historical highlights, with its charming little sois leading off Charoen Krung Road
  • vibrant Chinatown 
  • Teochew Cemetery - a unique park created on the site of a former cemetery  
  • Old Lhong 1919 port located on the west bank of the river
  • Icon Siam, which is a beautiful shopping mall with a terrace overlooking Bangkok


In addition, we visited two places that children will love, namely:

  • Sea Life at Siam Paragon
  • Harbor Land at Icon Siam

These are not all the attractions around the area, of course. For more, check out my list of 21 attractions in Bangkok:

View from Vertigo Sky Bar
Top 21 attractions in Bangkok

Thai temples, modern skyscrapers, atmospheric streets, Thai food - you are sure to find all this and more in Bangkok.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

Let's start with the question of where to stay for the night in Bangkok. The hotel range in this part of the city is extensive, but for our stay we chose a hotel Centre Point Silom, due to its sensational location and the availability of rooms for a family of 2+3 at a good price.

What do I mean by a superb location? The hotel is located on Charoen Krung Street itself, exactly 3-4 minutes' walk away:

  • Saphan Taksin station of the BTS Silom Line
  • Sathon pier from where depart river trams 
From the hotel it is relatively close to the various attractions we wanted to see. In addition, there is a Robinson shopping centre and a local market right below the hotel. However, these are not all the advantages of the place.
View from Centre Point Silom Hotel

I found the hotel great and would highly recommend it for a stay, especially if it is a family trip.

We rented a 90 m2 apartament with two bedrooms. In the suite we had a well-equipped kitchen with a washing machine, a large bathroom with a Japanese toilet and a large dressing room. 

The hotel is not the newest, but the quality of finish and cleanliness is of a very high standard. A huge plus for the key-lockable terrace doors.

What we saw in Bangkok in 2 days

Icon Siam shopping mall

bangkok co zobaczyc w dwa dni icon siam
Icon Siam shopping mall

I am the last person who would recommend visiting a mall as a tourist attraction, but Icon Siam is no ordinary mall. 

What sets them apart is, firstly, their sensational location and, secondly, the amazing decorations that refer to Thai culture. But these are not all the reasons to come to Icon Siam!

The entire ground floor is styled as a water market and features restaurants, souvenir stalls and even craft stalls. The upper floors include shops and stalls selling Thai products. On the 6th floor, there are numerous restaurants and Harborland, which is the best and largest playground in Thailand. 

The absolute highlight of the place is the observation deck. The terrace at Icon Siam offers one of the best views of Bangkok and it's completely free.

The observation deck at Icon Siam

To get to the viewing terrace you need to go to the 7th floor. The exit to the terrace is right next to the Starbucks coffee shop, but you do not need to buy a coffee to access the terrace.

The view from the terrace is fabulous and completely free. It is best to arrive shortly before sunset and stay until it is completely dark. Then, in one visit, you can admire Bangkok during the golden hour and illuminated by artificial coloured lights after dusk.

Bangkok - view from the terrace at Icon Siam

How to get to Icon Siam

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Icon Siam is to take the water tram (shuttle boat). The Shuttle Boat runs regularly every 10 minutes between 9am and 11pm. The tram departs from Sathon and Si Phraya Harbour. Sathon Marina is most easily accessible from Saphan Taksin BTS Silom station. From May 2023, the tram ride is charged at THB 10 per person.

I highly recommend the boat journey for its comfort and for the fantastic views. The pier is wheelchair friendly. We were once there with a pushchair.

shuttle boat do Icon Siam 2
Icon Siam shuttle boat

con Siam can be reached using the BTS Silom line. You need to get off at the station Krung Thon Buri (Exit 3) and transfer to the Gold Line monorail and then get off at the next station.
The Gold Line train only runs between three stations. 

Gold Line

Lhong 1919

Sinoport Lhong1919

After our visit to Icon Siam, we took a walk to the first remarkable site, a former river port located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.

Sinport Lhong 1919 is a 19th century Chinese-style estate that once served as an important river port. It now houses cultural facilities, craft shops, street art, restaurants, cafes and Mazu Shrine. 

The place is beautiful, peaceful and atmospheric, so it should appeal to those seeking tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Lhong 1919 Bangkok

How to get to Lhong1919

At the time we were there, it was not possible to get to Lhong 1919 by water tram, the line is temporarily suspended. You can walk to Lhong 1919 from Icon Siam or take the Sky Train Gold Line.

The entrance to the site is from Chiang Mai Rd and is marked by the Lhong 1919 mural painted on the building. There is a gate behind which a completely different world awaits.


Bang Rak District and Charoen Krung Road

Soi Charoen Krung 34

Bang Rak can be called the first expat neighbourhood in Bangkok. It was there that visitors from faraway Europe settled in the 19th century with the permission of King Rama 4, and it was there that the first embassies were established. 


Charoen Krung, on the other hand, is the first paved street in Thailand. Until 1968, a tram ran along Charoen Krung.

The Bang Rak district is a place that is definitely worth a visit. It features amazing restaurants, historical monuments and modern street art. See what I recommend in this district.

Co zobaczyć w Bangkoku Talat Noi
Tram mural (Rot Raang)

Take a walk along Charoen Krung Road

I think the best way to experience the city is to wander its streets. Among tourists, Khao San Road is probably the most famous, but in my opinion this street is an overrated and very touristy place, good for parties. People who only go there when they are in Bangkok are missing out on a lot and don't get to know the 'real' face of Bangkok at all.

Instead, I recommend strolling through the streets of the older districts, such as Charoen Krung Road and its sois, which hide interesting hidden corners and great restaurants.


Harmonique - a restaurant with soul

tajska restauracja w Bangkoku Harmonique

After exploring the district, I recommend checking out a real gem hidden away in one of Charoen Krung's charming sois, the Harmonique restaurant.

Time has definitely stood still in this place. It is one of the most interesting restaurants in Bangkok with a mix of Portuguese, Thai and Chinese influences. To get to the restaurant, head to Charoen Krung Soi 34. The entrance of the alley is adorned with a richly decorated gold and blue gate announcing that there is also a temple nearby. 

When entering the restaurant, you may hesitate a little as to whether you're sure you're in the right place. This is because you will first enter an unexciting gate leading into a dark corridor. At the end of it, in the shade of a huge Banyan tree, is this beautiful restaurant where you will eat classic and tasty Thai food served in a uniquely aesthetic way.

Street Art in Bangkok

Street art w Bangkoku
Alex Face mural at Soi Charoen Krung 32

The Bang Rak and Talat Noi district is a much-loved spot for local artists. This is where you can find the famous street art performed by Alex Face.

Street art w Bangkoku
Alex Face, Soi Chaoren Krung 36

Evening at Riverview Bangrak

Bangkok Bangrak Riverview

After a day of sightseeing, you can relax and go get something to eat at the Chao Phraya waterfront to Bangrak Riverview, where there are several restaurants and bars overlooking Icon Siam. On weekends it is better to book a table.

Riverview is located right next to the CAT Tower skyscraper and is easily recognisable with its distinctive mural.

Talat Noi - a unique district of Bangkok

Rong Kueak Shrine

Talat Noi (meaning small market in Thai) is Bangkok's oldest neighbourhood, where the Portuguese who came from Ayuthaya and the Chinese, among others, settled. History speaks from every street in this place. It is definitely one of the most interesting and unusual attractions in Bangkok.

Bangkok Talat Noi co zobaczyć

There's an amazing, unique vibe throughout the district and you'll also find great cafes and street art. While you're there, you can't miss the Mother Roaster café. 

To explore Talat Noi, it is best to just walk along the colourful streets, but you can also help yourself to a map in the form of a mural. I have marked its location on the ma

Mother Roaster - the best coffee shop in Bangkok

Mother Roaster kawiarnia w Bangkoku
Mother Roaster najlepsza kawiarnia w Bangkoku Talat Noi

Immediately upon entering through the gate door, visitors are greeted by the smell of grease and, instead of tables and chairs, there are piles of metal parts, old bicycles and chains hanging from the ceilings everywhere. 

This is not a mistake, you are in the right place. You've just found yourself in the most interesting cafe in Bangkok, the Mother Roaster.

Direct yourself up the stairs and discover a world of real and sensational coffee. Here you can choose yourself which coffee beans to grind according to your preference. You can drink your coffee inside at a table or on the small veranda amidst the greenery and the cat lying under a chair.

How to get to Talat Noi

Talat Noi can be reached from the Chao Phraya River using the water trams. You need to get off at the Marine Department pier. You can also walk from Chinatown either from the main street, which is Charoen Krung on Soi 20 and Soi 22 or Yotha Road. 

Bangkok Charoen Krung

Roam the streets of Chinatown and Yaowarat Road

atrakcje turystyczne Chinatown w Bangkoku

We went to Chinatown on foot straight from Talat Noi. Heading along Tri Mit Rd. we came to the famous The Chinatown Gate, where Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha Temple) is located.

We continued along the main street of Chinatown, or Yaowarat Rd. admiring the street stalls and temples along the way.


Chinatown Bangkok Kuan Yim Shrine
Kuan Yim Shrine

For once, you have to see for yourself one of the largest Chinese districts in the world. You can stock up on whatever your heart desires here, you can find street food at every turn. 

Chinatown is one big mix of people, colours and smells. The most fun I had was walking through the smaller and quieter streets where the normal life of the neighbourhood's residents went on.

After a stroll through the Chinese quarter, we boarded a tuk tuk and went for a tranquil visit to ... a Chinese cemetery.

How to get to Chinatown

Chinatown is easily accessible by underground, boarding at Hua Lamphong or Wat Mongkon MRT station.

Teochew Cemetery - Chinese cemetery

Bangkok atrakcje turystyczne Teochew Cemetery

A cemetery where life thrives - sounds extraordinary, eh? And yet it is true.

Teochew Cemetery is an old Chinese cemetery dating back to the 19th century that has been partially transformed into a park, now frequented by Bangkok residents wanting to play football, jog or work out at the gym.

 All this in the shade of trees and surrounded by old gravestones.



It is worth coming here to see this remarkable place and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Secondly, it is worth coming for the views, as the cemetery offers a spectacular view of modern skyscrapers and the famous King Power Mahanakhon.

Hot get to Teochew Cemetery

We travelled to the cemetery from Chinatown by tuk tuk, but you can easily walk from Surasak BTS station.

Sea Life in Bangkok

Sea Life is a real underwater world right in the middle of the city. It is located on level -1 in the Siam Paragon shopping centre. We have been there more than once, but each time we have a great time. 

Tickets can be purchased online or on site, but to avoid queuing and avoid crowds, it is best to come during the week, just after opening. Currently, promotional ticket prices start at around THB 1,400 per adult and children over 12 when purchased online. As promotions change from time to time and there are different types of tickets, it is best to check prices yourself before visiting. 

With a ticket to Sea Life, you can enter the Madame Tussauds Museum. 

Bangkok z dzieckiem Skywalk Mahanakhon
Exploring Bangkok with Kids

See how to explore Bangkok with children to see the most beautiful sites and provide some entertainment for the little ones.

Bangkok is a fascinating city, full of unusual sights. You just need to know where to look for them. I have made this task easier by mapping out the attractions in Bangkok.

Map of Bangkok Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

Odkryj mapę z atrakcjami turystycznymi Bangkoku

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