Bang Kachao for a day or weekend getaway from Bangkok

Bang Kachao for a day or weekend getaway from Bangkok

Bang Kachao is an island called the green lungs of Bangkok because of its dense tropical vegetation, in contrast to the urbanised areas around it. The verdant forests and numerous bike paths invite visitors to come to Bang Kachao for a day trip from Bangkok or even for an overnight stay. We spent a whole weekend in Bang Kachao with children having a wonderful time and exploring the island on bikes.

What to do in Bang Kachao

Bang Kachao has an area of about 16 square kilometres and is about 4 times larger than the equally interesting island of Koh Kret, located to the north of Bangkok. Although the Bang Kachao island lies almost in the middle of Bangkok, administratively it is located in Phra Pradaeng district in Samut Prakan province. Thais refer to Bang Kachao as the stomach of a pig, due to the island's distinctive shape.

However, unlike Koh Kret, Bang Kachao can be driven around by car, but the best way to explore the northern part of the island is by bicycle. 

There are miles of cycle paths on Bang Kachao and the traffic is so smooth that it is very safe to ride here with children on bikes. The island has a very nice park, a water market, temples, quite a few cafes and a fantastic children's playground. All of this makes Bang Kachao the perfect place for a pleasant cycling trip from Bangkok and to stay for a whole weekend. 

Bang Kachao, or Bang Krachao, how to pronounce it?

Bang Kachao (Bang Krachao) is another example of a confusing transcription of Thai. In Thai, the name is written บางกะเจ้า and is pronounced without the letter r in the middle of the word Krachao.

Source: Google Earth
What to do in Bang Kachao

In addition to exploring Bang Kachao by bicycle, you can also go canoeing or boating on the Khlong Phi Lok canal. At weekends, you can go to the Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market.

Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park

Bang Kachao for a day or weekend getaway from Bangkok

Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park and Botanical Garden is a truly beautiful place, at times jungle-like. Entry to the park is completely free. There is a bicycle rental shop in front of the park entrance, but bicycles can already be hired at the boat piers. The cost of renting a bike starts from THB 30 per hour to THB 100 for a full day. Bikes for children are also available.

The entire park can be cycled around on designated cycle paths. The riding is very pleasant as most of the paths are in good condition and are shaded. There is a Bird Watching Tower in the eastern part of the park.

Next to the park, there is Sabaidee Greenfarm & Cafe with very good coffee and Deep in Bang Kachao cafe serving tasty drinks and food. However, don't forget to bring along a supply of drinking water and a repellent. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the forested and wetland areas of Bang Kachao.

Bang Kachao for a day or weekend getaway from Bangkok

Restaurant with a spectacular view of the Bangkok skyline

Bang Kachao for a day or weekend getaway from Bangkok

After an intensive exploration of Bang Kachao, it's worth driving to the southwest of the island to the Uncle Ooh restaurant. The restaurant serves typical Thai favourites as well as French fries for small, picky eaters. 

I recommend ordering the insanely delicious Tom Yum Plaa fish soup and then enjoying the beautiful views of Bangkok's skyscrapers.

Bang Kachao with children at the Get Growing Community Farm

Bang Kachao with children at the Get Growing Community Farm

Get Growing Community Farm  is an absolutely fantastic place for those going to Bang Kachao with children. What is this place exactly? Get Growing Community Farm is a sensational playground where children are free to play in the water and mud and conquer various obstacles.

I strongly recommend bringing children's swimming costumes and sunscreen. For parents, on the other hand, I recommend buying a cold drink at the café and letting the children have a fun and muddy bath. The safety of the children is supervised by the staff and, in addition to this, life jackets can be worn by the children. 

The farm provides toilets and changing rooms with showers, supplied with shower gel and shampoo. I really recommend this place for a trip from those looking for a break from the noisy streets of Thailand's capital.

Bang Kachao with children at the Get Growing Community Farm
Bang Kachao with children at the Get Growing Community Farm
Opening hours

Playground 9.00-17.00
Farm 9.00-17.30

Admission cost on working days

children 0-3 free admission
200 THB children 4-5 years
400 THB children 6-18
100 THB adult guardian

Admission cost on weekends

children 0-3 free admission
300 THB children 4-5 years
500 THB children 6-18
100 THB adult guardian

Where to stay in Bang Kachao for a night

If you want to stay in Bang Kachao for a night or a weekend, there are many pleasant homestays to choose from. We chose the Baan Suan Kai Krung homestay located on the west side of the island, close to the ferry crossing at Wat Khlong Toei Nok Pier. The homestay was sensational, very clean with a beautiful garden and pool. Bicycles of various sizes are available, including for children.

How to get to Bang Kachao from Bangkok

The easiest and fastest way to get to the island from Bangkok is by boat from one of three piers from Chong Nonsi (to the west), Klong Toei (to the north) and Bang Na (to the east). You can also drive in by car. 

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